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9 Valent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Service
Original price ¥4,180/3 doses ¥2,800/2 doses
Caring price ¥3,999/3 doses ¥2,688/2 doses

Free Offer:
Cardiovascular, and Blood Glucose Test ¥888 (free).
VaxEnsure COVID-19 Antibody Test ¥288 (free).

Love and Protect Yourself:

1. Caring price ¥4200/2 doses + New Generation Shingrix Shingles Vaccine (original price ¥5380).
2. Caring price ¥1380 BioNTech Bivalent Vaccine (original price ¥1,880).

Additional vaccines can be received on the same day or completed within two months

Please call or wechat Adore customer service 00852 6755 5158 to register for this special offer

Love yourself
Check your body before doing vaccination!

Getting vaccination at the safest place

Adore is the only provider in Hong Kong that offers the safest environment with negative pressure medical grade health facility for Covid-19 vaccination at the most convenient tourist spots. Each vaccination room has individual air-filtering and purifying system. Air change exceeds 25 times per hour. The negative pressure VaxMobile is not available at regular clinics or hospitals. During the past 2 years, Adore has provided Covid-19 test and vaccination service for over 1 million people. Our medical team consists of Hong Kong registered medical professionals and has solid experience in performing vaccination for people in Hong Kong. Adore has given confidence to our clients for handling Covid-19 vaccination. We are committed to provide the best protection option for your health.

Our negative pressure medical grade VaxMobile was jointly researched and developed with Chinese University Hong Kong Medical Centre in early 2021 to fulfil the needs of promoting Covid-19 test and vaccination safely of Hong Kong Government. The VaxMobile was funded by Innovation and Technology Commission and was awarded Silver Medal at Geneva Inventions Spotlight 2021.

Adore Medical's private medical centre located at K11 Atelier in Tsim Sha Tsui offers multiple vaccination rooms, exclusive medical examinations, VIP rooms for clients, families and groups who need high level of privacy in receiving vaccinations and medical check-up services.

Adore Medical is a medical services company endorsed by the Hong Kong SAR Government. We can provide vaccination certificate issued by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

9 Valent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Service

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Terms and Conditions

1. This service fee does not include other treatments / checkup fees.
2. Please input valid email address and mobile number to receive the booking confirmation and for our staff to contact you to reconfirm the booking. If the contact information is unreachable, this booking and the payment will be forfeited.
3. Adore Medical customer service will contact the customer by phone or wechat to acknowledge receipt of your booking within 7 days.
4. Adore Medical customer service will contact the customer 7 days prior to the booking to confirm the booking. Adore Medical reserves the right to amend or cancel the customer’s booking 7 days prior.
5. The customer has to contact Adore Medical customer service hotline +852 6755 5158 via telephone call or wechat immediately if he/she does not receive our call or wechat message after booking is made. Please provide name, contact number, booking date and time for verification.
6. The service cannot be cancelled, refund or transferred to another user once purchased.
7. Changes are only acceptable to bookings made more than 1 month in advance and rebooking fees will apply. Please contact our customer service hotline +852 6755 5158 for further details.
8. Bring your identification document (such as your passport or Exit-entry permit for traveling) and your COVID-19 vaccination record with you on the day of vaccination.
9. Please present the booking email with QR code to Adore Medical staff and confirm the booking
10. Please arrive at the vaccination facility at least 15 minutes before the booking time to process the registration.
11. Client has to bear full responsibility for all the risk to own body that may be caused by the injection. Adore Medical is not liable directly or indirectly for any side effects or physical reactions caused by the injection.
12. Adore Medical Services Limited reserves the right to change the offers, service terms and conditions without prior notification. In case of disputes, Adore Medical Services Limited reserves the right of final decision.
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